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Culture Group

2019 Meeting Schedule
2019 Practice Schedule

Group History:
The Kulturgruppe (DKG) began in 1981 as a group of people that were too old for some groups and too young for others. They wanted to create a group where people age 21 and older could dance together as a group and pursue other cultural goals.The DKG was founded in order to perpetuate the culture and customs of the Donauschcwaben German-American Cultural Center through plays, skits, folk songs, dances and active participation at Cultural Center events.

Meetings take place downstairs in the Party Room. Please click here for the 2019 Meeting Schedule. 

DKG Dance Group:
Within the DKG there is a group of dancers that perform at various Club functions and outside events.
Practices are held once a week, one week Tuesday, and the next week Friday. Anyone is welcome to join; prior dance experience and a partner is not needed. If you are interested in requesting a dance performance please e-mail
Please click here for the 2019 practice schedule. 

Members must be 21 years of age and older. The membership fee is $10.00 per year.

Contact Information:
Erika Knowles

Current Officers: Elections are held yearly, in March.

  • President: Erika Knowles
  • Treasurer: Christina Hilbert 
  • Secretary: Jennifer Valek
  • Cultural Administrator: Karina Gross
  • Cultural Administrator: Conrad Hornung
  • Cultural Administrator: Eric Schade
  • Cultural Administrator: Michael Cornett