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Children’s Dance Group

Group History:
The Kindergruppe was started in 1971, by a committee that saw that there was an interest among younger children to dance. The Kindergruppe was formed originally for children between the ages
of 7 – 12. Interest is still as strong today at an even younger age. The group is now ages 4-11.

Our Purpose:
Our goal is to make this a fun experience for your children, to learn the Donauschwaben folk dances and little about our German Heritage. We teach the children folk dances, songs, and poems that our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents danced, sang and recited when they were little.

Kindergruppe Activities:
The Kindergruppe is a self-supporting group.  That means we have fund-raisers throughout the year. Some of the fundraisers include our Mother’s Day Luncheon and Program, Sommer Oktoberfest activities, and our Santa Brunch.  We also perform at all the Donauschwaben functions.  Other performances throughout the year may be at various locations (nursing homes, IX Center, church festivals).  We also keep things fun for the kids, with parties and travels and fun summer things.

Practice Schedule:
Practice is held Monday evenings in the dance practice room in the basement from 7pm to 8pm
Parents should be present at the close of practice for information, upcoming performances and other upcoming events.

Contact Information:
Laura Calvey

Group Leaders:

  • Laura Calvey, Co- Director
  • Sabrina Gloeckler, Co- Director
  • Nichole Filippi, Costumes