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Youth Dance Group

Group History:
The Jugendgruppe was founded on May 15, 1958 by Mrs. Katharina Ritzmann. Throughout the fifty plus years the members of the Jugendgruppe have danced for princes and presidents, at palaces and parliaments, and have participated in parades, and performances around the world, within the community and most important before our own membership. Our goal is to perpetuate the customs and traditions of our ancestors through dance, singing, and the wearing of our traditional costumes.

Practice Schedule:
Practices are held most Monday evenings from 7pm-8:30pm. Generally, practice is not held over the winter break and on Monday holidays.


  • Schwabenball: held annually in April, is the annual dinner/dance where the new Miss and Mr. Donauschwaben are crowned.
  • Car Show: held annually on Father’s day, is a fundraiser for our group. It’s been voted the “Best Car Show” in Northeast Ohio for shows of 350 or less cars.
  • Tag der Donauschwaben: held annually on the second Sunday in June.
  • Olmsted Falls Day Parade: held annually in mid-August.
  • Sommer Oktoberfest: held annually, is the largest annual function of the DGACC. The Jugendgruppe provides entertainment by performing on both Friday and Sunday. Our youth and parents volunteer throughout the weekend, and the youth make and sell hot pretzels every evening.
  • Donauschwaben Treffen: held annually, usually on Labor Day Weekend, at different Donauschwaben clubs across the United States and Canada. Groups from across North America attend and perform over the three day festival.
  • Weihnachtsfeier / Christmas Program: held annually the Sunday before Christmas along with many groups from our organization.

Group Membership:
Dancers may join the Jugendgruppe at 11 years of age and remain active in the group throughout college and beyond. It is best to join the group at a young age and make friendships with time. As our youth depart for college, they will miss weekly practices, but because of lifetime friendships, will always feel welcome when they return. To join, attend a Monday practice.

Contact Information:
Margot Maurer

Group Leaders:
Leader - Margot Maurer
Assistant Leader - Stephanie Rounds
Treasuer - Heidi Kun

Miss. Donauschwaben - Jessica Kun
Mr. Donauschwaben - RJ Prusha