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Women's Group

Group History:
The Group was founded in July 1959, just a number of months after the founding of the Danube Swabian Society of Greater Cleveland, by Katherina Ritzmann. In the past 50 years the Women’s group has held fashion shows, Vienna evenings, dances, and many other activities
Goals and Purpose:
  • To uphold and promote the Danube Swabian customs and traditions, as well as the German language, culture and songs.
  • To help maintain the Donauschwaben German – American Cultural Center in Cleveland
  • To help the organization with festivals and celebrations
  • To support the German Language School as well as the Cleveland Danube Swabian’s Children and Youth Groups
  • To assemble in friendship and camaraderie
Meeting Schedule:
Meetings are held at 1pm the third Thursday of each month, except in January, July and August.
Membership is open to any woman interested in upholding the goals and purpose of the Group.
Contact Information:
Barbara Goebel

Current Officers:
  • Leiterin: Barbara Goebel
  • Stellvertreterin: Helga Egel
  • Protokoll secretärin: Karoline Lindenmaier
  • Vergnügnungsleiter: Marga Schetterer,  Alma Mits
  • Kassierein: Resi Sonntag