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Edelweiss Ski Club


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Group History:

The Edelweiss Ski Club has provided the ultimate skiing experience for our members and their families over the past 50 years. The Ski Club was founded on November 19, 1968; officers were elected and an extensive winter program was outlined, including a “learn-to-ski” program. Our members enjoy local ski outings.  Teaching our children the fundamentals of skiing is very important to our members to continue the proud traditions of our German club.

Upcoming Events:
April 13, 2020 General meeting & Ski club elections POSTPONED date TBD
May 16, 2020 Spring Picnic in pavilion at 4:30

Meeting Information:  

Ski Club meetings are held at 7:15 PM at Lenau Park.  Two dates for meetings:  Annual election of officers General Meeting held on Monday April X, 2020 and General Meeting on Monday October 12, 2020.

Membership Information:
Our annual membership dues are $10.00 for a single (18 and over) and $15.00 for a family membership.

Pay for your membership online!
Click here for a 2020 Edelweiss Single Membership ($10.59 to include fee)
Click here for a 2020 Edelweiss Family Membership ($15.74 to include fee)

Please email Rob Fabian to inform him of payment and member(s) names. 

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Contact Information:
Anita Kalkhof
Phone: 440-339-8371

Current Officers:

  • President: Anita Kalkhof
  • Vice President: Rudy Koch
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Gutwein
  • Secretary: Erika Temple 


  • Membership: Rob Fabian
  • Fundraising Committee: Erika Temple, Erika Knowles, Tina Koch, Maria Fabian & Ingrid Wagner
  • Oktoberfest Parking: Ingrid Wagner, John Szeltner, Rudy Koch & Anita Kalkhof
  • Ski Trips: Tina Koch, Anita Kalkhof & Rudy Koch

Trustees: George Adam, Bob Gutwein, Al Klass, Fred Krist, Joe Krist & Roger Radke

CMSC Delegate: Norbert Manz
DGACC Delegates: 
Rob Fabian

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