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Blaskapelle (Cleveland DSB German Brass Band)


The Cleveland Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle
Cleveland's Original German-American Brass Band

Mission Statement:

To perpetuate and preserve traditional Danube Swabian and German-American music, primarily through live performances that showcase the artistry and talent of the Cleveland Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle.

Contact Information:

Phone: 440-235-2646

Practices: Every Thursday from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center, 7370 Columbia Road, Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138
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Photo by Ann Saluga

1st Row: Mary Anne Manlet, Ellie Meier, Logan Trudgen, Julie Williams, Sherry Dial, Judy Kretz

2nd Row: Lauren Owens, Kim Taylor, Nichole Fehrman, Sandy Maurer, Casey Krucek

3rd Row: Hank Harris, Karl Beckman, Barb Oltmanns, Emily White, Jack Hack, Tim Bricker, Michelle Swiniarski, Tom Hospodar, Scott Saluga

4th Row: Bruce Melville, Richard Tayek, Brian McKeon, Mike Prochko, Rick Klingshirn, Jim Hitsman, Tom McKeon, Andy Giebel, Roger Radke

5th Row: Matt Matlak, Vlad Salva, John McClellan, Connor Krucek, Jacob Krucek, Jim Boyer, Norb Manz, Eric Fehrman, Jim Lenahan

Not Pictured: Carissa Alabise, Ryan Britt, Jacob Cook, Erika Cikraji, Ed Czyzewski, Dan DiFilippo, Bob Elshaw, Steve Fitz, Samantha Fitzenrider, Angelo Fortini, Mary Hiros, Pete Hoekje, Dena Jurcisek, Heather Kantor, Sam Kitzler, John Koch, Peter Krege, Josh Krug, Sam Malley, Stefan Mazur, Matthew McClellan, Andy Nagy, Jason Smith, Sarah Perez-Stable, Amy Reutlinger, Jerry Reutlinger, Lucinda Sisler, Stephanie Tyler, Cliff Wagner, Gayle Wagner, Shirley Walker, Jackie Yatson, John Yatson, Doug Young, Keegan Zaebst

Upcoming Events & Important Dates:

Krampus Fest!
Saturday, December 7th, 2019
from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Lenau Park’s Holzer Halle
7370 Columbia Road
Olmsted Township, Ohio 44138
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Hudson Christkindlmarkt
Hosted by Hudson-Landsberg Sister City
Saturday, December 14th, 2019
from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
139 North Main Street
Hudson, Ohio 44236

Weihnachtsfeier Christmas Program
Sunday, December 22nd, 2019 at 1:30 pm
Lenau Park, 7370 Columbia Road
Olmsted Township, Ohio 44138

*Performance times are tentative and subject to change

Group History:

In 1958, the Cleveland Society of Danube Swabians’ Brass Band & Posaunenchor was founded by Peter Glatt and Reverend Horst Hoyer. Songs performed consisted primarily of waltzes, polkas, and marches.

The band often played at the Banater Club, Sachsenheim Club, and Gottscheer Club, and after six years, the band had grown to forty-four members. At that time, Glatt entrusted the band to Edmund Seifert and Hans Franz.

In June 1968, the Cleveland DSB was invited to perform at the Bundesmusikfest in Sindelfingen, Germany, taking first place honors for an unforgettable performance of F.H. Losey’s 1896 composition, "Snap Shot." 156 brass bands were in attendance, and the DSB performed a total of forty-seven concerts in just sixteen days.

Richard "Coach" Reuding and Hans Noel subsequently took over as the DSB toured Canada and performed at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1971. The band continued onward and upward with Peter Weber, Ralph Rehner, and Michael Rehner, performing at Disney World and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in 1975. In April 1979,  the band performed on a luxurious Carnivale Cruise of the Caribbean Sea, which included performances in the Dominican Republic, San Juan, and Saint Croix.

Continued success followed under the direction of Bob Kozsey, Ferdinand Bleich, Paul Psota, Matt Niessen, Michael Sifferman, Jack Hack, and Michele Esper. Most recently, Roger Radke and John McClellan have organized performances in Detroit, Sandusky, Sharon, and Windsor, as well as local venues such as the Akron Zoo, All Pro Freight Stadium, Altenheim & Shurmer Place, Amherst German Fest, Canal Park, Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest, Cleveland Maennerchor, Cleveland World Festival, German Central Oktoberfest, German Cultural Garden,  Great Lakes Brewing Company, Heimatland Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus Cleveland, John Carroll University, Lenau Park Sommer Oktoberfest, Olmsted Falls Heritage Days Festival, Parker Hannifin, and Sandusky Oktoberfest.

On June 8th, 2017, the Cleveland Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle returned to Germany, performing not only at Hofbräuhaus München, but also with the Original Banater Dorfmusikanten at the Landsmannschaft der Donauschwaben in Haar, Bavaria. The DSB also performed at the U.S. Army Barracks in Grafenwöhr, with Blasorchester Höchst at Bürgerhaus Frankfurt-Goldstein, at Kath. Pfarramt St. Cäcilia in Mosbach, at the Donauschwäbisches Zentralmuseum in Ulm, and with the Wielenbacher Musikanten at Gasthaus Guggemos in Wielenbach. Needless to say, the Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle’s Deutschlandtour was an excellent opportunity to interact with fellow German musicians, allowing the DSB to learn even more about German and Danube Swabian culture from a uniquely local perspective.

As the Cleveland DSB enters into its 61st year, under the direction of Julie Williams, the traditions of Danube Swabian brass bands continue as the DSB performs long standing waltzes, polkas, and marches. Special thanks to all who have supported the Cleveland DSB, past and present!

Officers, Directors & Vocalists:

  • President: Scott Saluga
  • Vice President: (Vacant)
  • Treasurer: Norbert Manz
  • Secretary: Matt Matlak
  • Delegates: Casey Krucek, Norbert Manz, Roger Radke &  Julie Williams
  • Musical Director: Julie Williams
  • Assistant Musical Directors: Brian & Tom McKeon, Andy Nagy, Barb Oltmanns, Kim Taylor & Shirley Walker
  • Vocalists: Sam Kitzler, Casey Krucek, Jim Lenahan, Andy Nagy, Lauren Owens & Amy Reutlinger