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About Us

“Nur der ist seiner Ahnen wert, der ihre Sitten treu verehrt.”

Only someone who honors the traditions of his ancestors is worthy to be their descendant.

The German-American Cultural Center is home to the Cleveland Donauschwaben (Danube Swabians) ethnic group. The Donauschwaben are a German ethnic group that primarily immigrated to America following World War II and created a society to celebrate their traditions and language.

The Cleveland Donauschwaben have a very active membership of all ages that enjoys participating in a variety of groups and activities. Without the hard work and dedication of all of our ancestors, the traditions we have kept, the friendships that have formed, and the memories that have been made would not have been possible.

The goals of the German-American Cultural Center are to promote and continue the traditions of our Donauschwaben ancestors through the language, song, dance, music, dress and customs of our ancestors. We pay tribute to our ancestors that have endured so many hardships and worked so hard to give the future generations so much.
About Us